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    On July 26, 2018, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment held the regular press conference for July, Mr. Liu Youbin, the spokesman of the Ministry replied to the question raised by a reporter on CFC-11.




    China Daily: Lately a paper published on Nature pointed out that there has been a substantial slowdown in the reduction rate of CFC-11 concentration in atmosphere since 2012, the gradual release of the existing bank can hardly explain this phenomenon, and the increased emission originated probably from new production of CFC-11, which are mainly from eastern Asia. Subsequently, some press reports clearly stated that there are illegal production and use in China. How does the Ministry of Ecology and Environment look at this issue?




    Liu Youbin: The Government of China has always attached great importance to international environmental agreements and seriously committed their implementation. The production and use of ozone depleting substances (ODS) beyond the permission of the Montreal Protocol is a violation to law and a criminal activity, which has always been the target of our close monitoring and severe crack down.




    After the release of press news and report of related organization, our ministry promptly carried out investigation, research and assessment, we lost no time to mobilize our law enforcement team to carry out comprehensive inspection, currently the inspection is ongoing. Our ministry takes a zero tolerance position towards illegal production and use of ODS, including CFC-11. Once we discover any companies engaging in illegal CFC-11 production, sale and use in China, we will initiate crack down according to law with resolution and hold them responsible to legal liabilities.




    In the immediate future, we will also organize special operations aiming at fighting against illegal ODS production and use, extensively collect related reports and tip-offs, sort out sources associated with illegal cases, and make relevant sectors conform to norm and strengthen relevant monitoring and regulation. Information and sources by various quarters via the hot-line “12369” are welcome, once confirmed, we will exercise severe punishment according to law with resolution.




    Since its accession to the Vienna Convention in 1989 and the Montreal Protocol in 1991, the Government of China has actively committed to their implementation by phasing out approximately half of the ODS totaled in developing countries, therefore making contribution to ozone layer protection and climate mitigation. We stand ready to work continuously and closely with international community, further strengthen China's capacity building for compliance, in particular, carry out international cooperation in improving measurement and enforcement capacities as well as the efforts to combat illegal production and use.

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